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You're Sure...Your Shore?

Last week, we released our first original song that we recorded for our Closet Series, "Your Shore." If you're thinking, "Closet Series...what are they talking about?" Well, it's a funny our blog post, The Story Behind the Closet Series.

Just like our Closet Series, there is also a story behind each of our original songs. So, we thought it would be fun to share with you the story behind "Your Shore."

(Erik) "When I first showed this song to Giselle, she thought the title was a typo. 'You’re sure?' 'No, like shore...on the beach.'

I wrote this song late at night while I was overseas in Switzerland. I was nearing the end of a long backpacking trip, and homesickness was really starting to take its toll. Earlier in the trip, I had visited a beautiful beach in the Netherlands called Scheveningen. I remember staring out towards the ocean—towards the shore where all my friends and family were. I originally traveled to Europe to discover something new, but in this moment, I realized everyone that I loved was back home...and I was thousands of miles away.

I attempted to capture this feeling in 'Your Shore' -- the frustration of being far away when all you want to do is be home. The lyrics of the song start with 'There, I’m lying by the sea' and end with 'I’ll be home resting by the sea again, where I’ve always been.' The journey starts and ends at the same place. In my case, the answers I was looking for were right beneath my feet. Sometimes it just takes an entire ocean of distance to realize it."

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