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Live music...and magic? Meet MagikErik!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

While many folks know Erik as a guitarist or an upright bassist, he's also a magician. Yes, you read that right...

(Erik) I have a long history of performing magic that started when I was ten years old. If you want a good laugh, check out my old magic channel "magicE1313" on voice was an octave higher than it is now. One of the videos has over 100,000 views!

It all started when I underwent surgery back in 2006. During this time, a magician by the name of “B Magic” came to the hospital to entertain us kids. I remember being so interested in his routine that I wanted to learn more. With the extra time I had during my recovery (because a ten-year-old is sooo busy), I researched magic online, read magic books, and watched magic DVDs. I even asked my prom date out with a magic trick years later!

Through the years, I have always kept my magic with me, but I didn’t practice like I used to. Then COVID-19 happened, and Giselle thought it would be a great idea to post a magic trick every day to lighten the mood during this rough year. That was the start of the “Social Distancing Magic” series on Facebook which turned out to be forty or fifty different magic trick performances.

Call it my COVID retail therapy, but now I'm up to seven new magic books and I have card decks laying everywhere around the house. You can ask Giselle -- I'm always asking her to give me feedback on my new tricks.

Be sure to check out our Instagram @giselleanderik for a fun treat later today!

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