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The Story Behind the Closet Series

Over the past month or so, we've been releasing music videos from what we're calling our closet series. And we've received a handful of DMs asking us why it's called the closet series...and what the heck we were doing recording in a closet.

Well, it's a funny story...

Back in December 2020, we wanted to make this series of recordings in order to submit them for a competition. But the only time we could fit these recordings into our schedule was after Giselle's graduation in late December and before Erik had his wisdom teeth out on January 4.

Because it was the holiday season, we were visiting family and not in our usual setup. So, we packed our equipment in the car, made the road trip, and set up...well, literally in Giselle's childhood bedroom closet -- jerry-rigging our very own closet studio. Glamorous, right?!

Those 10 days were eat -- record -- *wait for Giselle's elderly cat to stop meowing* -- keep recording -- sleep -- repeat. (with Christmas thrown in there somewhere).

End product: 11 recordings - signed, sealed, delivered on January 3!

The making of our closet series was exhausting and a true test of our endurance, but we learned so much during that short period and are so proud of our journey. We recorded everything from classic hits like God Only Knows to jazz and latin standards like Shadow Of Your Smile and Aguas de Marco, and even some originals. The night we submitted the recordings, we had a celebratory "listening party" by the Christmas tree with Giselle's parents...and the elderly cats, of course.

So far we've released 5 of our closet recordings. Be sure to keep an eye out for more coming soonalong with more of our live music adventures!

(And maybe by then we'll also have an update on the results of the competition, too!)

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