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Celebrating Pace Center for Girls Marion with NOMA Gallery

Last week, we performed at An Evening for Pace Center for Girls Marion hosted at NOMA Gallery in Ocala, Florida.

Before we hop into the event, if you haven’t yet visited our friends at NOMA Gallery, GO! Right now they are featuring an exhibit called Venus Rising, A Celebration of Women and, while neither of us are art experts, we found the exhibit incredibly moving.

(Giselle) "I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Ophelia, so one of my favorite pieces was a series of photographs titled (I believe), 'Ode to Ophelia.' The shadows, colors, and textures were beautiful and haunting at the same time."

Not only was this the perfect exhibit for this event, the cherry on top was that Pace girls had the opportunity to create their own artwork, which was featured all around the gallery. After our performance, we were honored to bring one of these pieces home with us.

For this event and venue, we thought our more jazzy vibes would be a perfect addition. We performed everything from jazz standards to jazzy pop to even some classic rock with our jazz twist.

This past year has brought many special opportunities for us to perform in Ocala, entertaining and supporting this wonderful community!


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